Watch Ludacris flex his money making skills on 'The Price Is Right'

Stand next to these prizes. Like, ay, ay, ay!
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Before flexing his money making skills to help chosen contestant Crystal’s dreams come true on the latest episode of The Price Is Right at Night, Ludacris admitted that just being on the show made him feel like "a kid in a candy store.”

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Guess you could say he kn-kn-kn-kew, what-what's Crystal’s fan-ta-ta-sy! Sorry we had to, but basically he was just really good at helping her figure out prices.

By helping Crystal score some tailgating gear and NFL season tickets, Ludacris also secured a hefty donation for his charity of choice, his nonprofit organization The Ludacris Foundation, totaling the sum value of Crystal’s winnings.

Unlike Crystal, Luda kept his composure relatively chill, even though we know he was totally freaking on the inside. How do we know? Well in addition to that candy store confession Ludacris revealed that "my grandmother, my mother watched this show when I was an infant... and this is bringing all of the family together. It's a beautiful thing, man. I feel like a kid, straight up.”

Check out a clip of Ludacris showing Crystal some Southern Hospitality, and helping her win a prize that even he wants below.

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