Oliver Tree Avoids Questions, Takes Isolation Seriously In Our FANDEMIC Instagram Live

'The thing is, I have to be an example for the kids and everybody, really. Not just the kids'
By , Audacy

Oliver Tree joined RADIO.COM this week for an exclusive FANDEMIC Instagram Live, answering questions from around the world and letting us in on his time social distancing.

Recently back from the grave after canceling the release of his debut album UGLY IS BEAUTIFUL due to the current pandemic, Oliver just offered up a new quarantine single, and another out of this world music video for his track "Let Me Down."

The scooter-pro-turned-eccentric-artist dropped in on RADIO.COM’s Kevan Kenney on Instagram Live this week, telling us how he’s been spending his days, and if we can expect more music in the uncertain future.

Perfectly socially distanced in a giant bubble in an empty room, Oliver showed up as late as you’d expect, and quickly dipped and dodged as many questions as he could before being pinned down on a few solid answers.

Yes, the album has been canceled. Yes, he’s a world-renowned scooter pro. Yes, he starts his day with coffee and a scoot around the hood. Why are you even asking?

Oliver is taking the isolation part of the current pandemic very seriously, and sees his worldwide status as a role-model as a vehicle to bring awareness and change.

“The thing is, I have to be an example for these kids and everybody, really. Not just the kids,” he said, while inside his giant bubble. “The elders, especially. So, I’m just here trying to set some guidelines, some basic fundamentals so we can get through this real swift and flatten that curve.”

Begrudgingly, Oliver answered some fan questions regarding his biggest influences (David Blaine and Criss Angel); the song he’s most proud of (everything on his canceled album); and working on and more importantly finishing his MANY songs.

As far as his recent death and resurrection, new projects, and whether or not he will be performing in the future under the same moniker, Oliver says he’s unable to answer due to restrictions from his lawyer. The same goes for any questions regarding trees in general.

Check out the full replay of our FANDEMIC with Oliver Tree and host Kevan Kenney above - only from RADIO.COM.

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Featured Image Photo Credit: Joe Cingrana/RADIO.COM