Watch our Audacy Check In with Ava Max and Tiësto

Taking us inside their hit collaboration 'The Motto'

Ava Max and Tiësto have one of the biggest singles of the year in “The Motto” as the pair takes us inside their hit collaboration.

LISTEN NOW: Ava Max and Tiësto talk with Bru

Ava Max and Tiësto joined Bru for an Audacy Check In as they discussed “The Motto” and one of the surprising outcomes from their collaboration.

“The Motto” is everywhere and it’s a song that’s been played while timeless memories are being created. What’s that like from an artist’s perspective? “It’s the best feeling on Earth,” Tiësto said. “People work out to the song, or they dance the night away, are in the car blasting it, being in Vegas, it’s the best feeling, really.”

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After their collaboration, Tiësto said he had a rush of Ava’s fans flock to his music and social media. “They’re so passionate about what Ava does,” Tiësto says, “it’s really inspiring to see.”

Echoing Tiësto’s comments, Max touched on the incredible feeling that comes with hearing fans share their stories on how her music impacts their lives. “I get DM’s all the time, especially for ‘So Am I’ and ‘Kings and Queens’ on how it helped them during a dark time,” Max said. “Every time I write lyrics, I try really hard to make sure they resonate with people and make sure I’m not only thinking about myself.”

Max went on to say how she strives to strike a balance between sharing her own personal experience and writing material that will help bring a smile to people’s faces and cheer them up.

“We as Pop artists and DJ’s are role models to the next generation,” she says, “I think it’s super important.”

Watch and listen to the full Check In with Ava Max and Tiësto above.

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