'What you doing? Where you at?' Watch our Audacy Check In with Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak of Silk Sonic

'An Evening With Silk Sonic' is officially out now!
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After meeting "4 or 5" years ago Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak knew that together they could make magic, and correct they we’re. Now the groovy duo known as Silk Sonic are checking in with Audacy’s Big Tigger to talk all about their newly released collab album — An Evening With Silk Sonic, and how it all got started.

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After joking around a bit about the collab coming about because "we we’re in debt" and "already spent that money," Bruno broke down exactly how the collab between he and .Paak came together for real.

"Me and Andy met about 4 or 5 years together, we we’re on tour together and we got to the studio one day in Europe actually… so we started writing. We actually started the idea of a song called 'Smoking Out The Window' which is on this album, and that was the beginning."

"We didn’t finish it, but we just had a couple lines and then on his birthday I called him up and said, ‘Hey man, I think I got something for that song.’ And he came through and we had an incredible session, and it was fun, we we’re going back and forth with who could write a funnier line… and we we’re trying to out sing each other, and it just turned out." Relating the situation to a kids play date, using "You wanna come over tomorrow?" to portray how they felt in the moment, which is honestly a perfect example.

And thus Silk Sonic began. With their time together in the studio, the duo churned out a catchy collection of smooth-sounding songs. Their first, of hopefully many collab albums, dubbed An Evening With Silk Sonic, officially released today, November 12 and includes the legend himself Bootsy Collins as host.

As for their decision to wait (what many fans would agree was too long) between releasing their first single "Leave The Door Open" and supplying us with something new, the duo agreed they wanted it "to just breathe for a while." Adding, "we we’re so proud of that song." Additionally it was about not knowing "what it was going to do," though very "happy it did what it did." Then their was the timing of everything, mid-pandemic, which certainly didn’t help speed things along. Plus most importantly as .Paak put it, "we had to make sure it was right."

"Ready to lean back and catch this vibe," next Tig showed off the bottle of Selva Ray white rum, the Silk Sonic produced adult beverage they gifted him as "something to sip on" while listening to their new album, right before getting into some additional questions.

So are you’re interested in knowing if either of them can actually "Skate," or wondering if their expectations we’re met with every release? Do you wanna hear some additional details about Selva Ray, as well some deets about projects their individually working on? Maybe you’re tryna find out who they we’re perhaps hoping to work with on the album, that Tig fittingly called a "collaboration made in heaven,” but didn’t quite have the chance to. Well then, you know exactly what to do — Press play and check out the entire interview above.

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