Ellen Pompeo reveals her dream podcast guest: 'Isn't that who we all want to sit down with?'


It's time to gear up for an Audacy Check In with ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ star Ellen Pompeo - just after the launch of her first podcast.

Slated for Wednesday, October 13th at 2PM ET/11AM PT, you can join Podsauce's Dax Holt for the interview on Audacy.com/live and Audacy’s Facebook.

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Released on September 29 followed by weekly episodes on Wednesdays, “Tell Me with Ellen Pompeo,” from Audacy's Cadence13, is the Grey’s Anatomy star’s podcasting debut.

Pompeo began her podcasting endeavor as a way to talk to the people in her life about their stories - touching on topics that are important to her and the world at large.

Featuring candid conversations with a wide range of guests, Pompeo’s podcast is a look into people’s lives - highlighting what motivates and inspires them and how they came to create the projects they’ve worked on.

“Tell Me with Ellen Pompeo” will have listeners tuning in for guests like Patrick Dempsey, Yara Shahidi, Cindy Crawford, and many more - from authors to public figures.

"I'm trying to play in some different areas and do a few new things. I'm sure I'll act again, yes," Pompeo said of her future endeavors, including her podcast. But the podcast is more than just a passion project, as Pompeo hopes to give back to her fans.

"People have been supporting my TV show for 18 seasons, it's a really long time to be getting consistent support from people. I really am very grateful for it," Pompeo said, adding that she's trying to give back to that community with her podcast.

She added that she's doing the podcast to "learn a new skill, do something new."

When asked if there was a guest she'd love to have on the podcast, Pompeo's answer was a no-brainer. "Michelle Obama. Isn't that who we all want to sit down with?" she said.

Pompeo then revealed that she listens to a few other great podcasts, including "Asian Enough," "Sway," and podcasts for her kids like "Cultureverse."

While Pompeo listens to hip hop and R&B primarily, she shared that she's "super excited for Adele's album to drop next week."

Speaking of incredible women, Pompeo gushed over some of the people she looks up to the most.

"There's so many women doing so many important things, and saying so many important things," before noting Jane Fonda, Michelle Obama, and Melinda Gates as women she looks up to.

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