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Khalid's 'New Normal' is out everywhere, now

Sitting down with Audacy’s Julia, Khalid checked in with us to share some deets about his latest single, “New Normal,” as well as a few other things - so let's get into it.

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Alluding to "the start of a new normal,” Khalid recently wiped his Instagram clean, signifying that a new period and project is upon us, aptly titled Everything Is Changing.

So, before he ushers us into a new Khalid era, having already dropped the first solo track of 2021, Khalid came though to drop some hints at what the sonic identity of his next project will be.

Like most music currently coming out, inspiration for Khalid’s entire upcoming project came whilst in quarantine. When asked why he chose “New Normal,” as the introductory single, Khalid revealed it was due to it’s personal connection.

“I feel like through the process of quarantine and finding a sense of normalcy throughout the chaos, that song kinda came to me in the wind.”

Khalid continued, “ I asked myself ‘what do I write about? You know, “what story do I tell?” And I was like ‘i just gotta be honest with myself about the frustration that I was going through.” But at the same time remembering that “no matter what we go through it’s always just temporary, and we’ll all get through it. And hopefully we’ll get through together and we’ll get through it stronger.”

The “Location” singer then went on to refer to the track as “my own personal gift to my fans,” as a way to relate and let them know “I’m here, we’re all here, and just simply sending them my love in the way that I can…”

As the conversation continued, Khalid elaborated on what those quarantine frustrations were, admitting that the first few months of lockdown were filled with a whole lotta nothing - “for like the first time in my life in like 5 years.”

But while that was “fun in the moment, just like everything it gets old after awhile.” When he’d finally had enough R&R and was ready to “get this album started,” he found himself in a serious mental block. But “starring at the stars, looking at the sky, and getting inspired by the people around me… the producers around me,” is what helped him overcome it.

“Honestly, this project and this album for me is just my favorite that I’ve been a part,” he pridefully revealed. “Because I feel like I got to take a step back to the basics and find out what I truly love about songwriting.”

Khalid went to explain to Julia what the songwriting process looks like for him, and how it differs from when he first started out. The two also chatted about what is was like to perform at Space Launch. His current fascination and appreciation of nature. As well breaking down the reasoning and meaning behind the title of his upcoming project, Everything Is Changing.

For all that and so much more check out Khalid’s entire Audacy Check In above, and afterwards watch the music video for “New Normal” below. Or in reverse order, doesn't matter, you do you boo, just make sure not to miss out on either.

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