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The 'WOO-AH' Queen details the new inspiration she found for her forthcoming album and shares secrets about her Coachella set
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Listen up bunheads, the first thing Kim Petras told us as she sat down for a Check In with Audacy’s Ryan Mitchell, is that she is “finishing up everything, album wise.” So don’t fret, the "WOO-AH” Queen has plenty in store for us.

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Throughout working on her project, Petras hints that her new music has allowed her to level up. “I feel like I finally have found my… visual strong points, what I want to be good at and what I want out there,” explained the artist.

In the last year, Kim released two singles, “Future Starts Now” and “Coconuts.” Her lead single was accompanied by a music video and a supporting performance at the 2021 VMAs. “Coconuts” was delivered alongside a sweet and sultry dance video that featured bold colors and perfectly coordinated dancers.

“I’ve just been working on leveling up as an artist… kind of the full Popstar fantasy because that’s what I’ve always wanted to do,” said Kim.

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Petras tells us that for her forthcoming project, she has had more time than she’s ever had to make an album. Due to her perfectionist tendencies and her love for writing music and working in the studio, Petras half-jokingly shares that much to her label’s chagrin she’ll be making changes to her record up until the release date. During lockdown, Kim found that she was most “happy” spending as much time as possible in the studio.

While creating the new album, Petras notes, “we probably wrote 60 to 70 songs, up to 100. I don’t even know how many songs there were because we just were like ‘even if it sucks, every day we’re going to make something so we stay sane.’ The best ideas stayed around and the bad ones moved to the back.”

Petra says that the biggest responsibility she has in her job is finding ways to stay inspired. Through the process, the “Heart to Break” songstress learned how to be okay with having good days and bad days while writing new music. She admitted that some days she had to be okay with creating songs that “sucked.” While writing a vast amount of music throughout the pandemic, Petras was challenged when looking for new routes of inspiration.

In the recording process, Petras settled into the idea of moving at a slower pace and taking her time rather than allowing her mind to race to the next item on her agenda. With the patience she put into this body of work, Kim notes, “I enjoyed being in the studio and making music. I want that joy to jump out at you when you listen to it. I want to make what I really want to hear… it’s been really cool as a songwriter to give myself more time.”

Alongside the release of her upcoming project, Petras will also be performing at Coachella for the first time in her career. The Cologne-born singer revealed that she has never been to the Indio-based festival because her goal was always to attend as an artist rather than an audience member. Now, she is prepping her setlist and picking out songs that she is excited to debut.

Petras intends to “make the Coachella set it’s own thing, and I’m not going to perform it anywhere else the same way,” said the artist. In terms of fan favorites, Kim is going to perform songs from her “neon head era” A.K.A, the classics, as well as tracks from an upcoming project she has been teasing. She added, “I kind of want to dig out some songs that haven’t gotten the love they necessarily deserve, and also do some remix action.”

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