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'Dancing Feet' is out now!
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Kygo and Joe Jonas (on behalf of DNCE) checked in with Audacy’s Julia to talk about their collab single “Dancing Feet," which they are “so excited” is finally out.

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After first getting together to work on the track back in September, the Kygo DNCE collab “Dancing Feet” is finally here, with the music video to follow shortly after (dropping on February 28 at 10 AM ET)

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“The time has finally come,” Kygo excitedly admitted, “and I’m just so excited to see the reactions, we’ve been teasing it a little bit on social media and it seems like people are excited.”

“Our goal was to make people feel good, and I feel like this song just does that,” Joe added.

So how did the collab come out?

Well as Joe explained, “Last year I was shooting this movie 'Devotion' that comes out later this year, and well I was there I had a lot of down time on my hands. When you’re not number one on the call sheet, that means you get a lot of days off.

He continued, “So I was sitting around and I wanted to be productive.” Feeling like he had “a lot of music that I needed to write,” he revealed he started working on songs, and as he listened back to them he realized, “Okay this kinda sounds like it could be a DNCE song.”

Which led him to “entertain the idea of bringing the band back together.” After the idea transitioned into a full fledged plan, the band was looking to start to discuss releasing music the following Spring, and that’s when Kygo reached out.

“Kygo hit me up and was like ‘I got this song, can I send it your way? I wanna get your thoughts.’ I was like ‘oh my god, this is brilliant, and it’s right up the ally of the music I’ve been making for DNCE.’ So then we pushed our calendar up and now this song obviously is out and we’re so thrilled and the reactions have been insane.”

The announcement of DNCE’s return was exciting in itself, but the fact that the official comeback is tied-in with Kygo makes it epic. That said Julia wondered if having the first track back be a collab was ever something he questioned.

“You know I did hesitate a bit, because I wasn’t sure what it would be like to bring DNCE back.” Admitting his hesitancy was in large part due to the “the trauma of when the brothers broke up,” so he wasn’t entirely sure he wanted to go down that road again. After he decided to stop thinking of it that way, he realized “how exciting it would be to be able to perform music that I created… and why am I holding myself back from things that excite me.”

And good thing he did.

As for Kygo, he knew Joe was the one to reach out to with the track for many reasons. One being his co-writer and producer sounds a lot like Joe, and with Kygo having DNCE in the back of his mind when creating the song, the decision was basically already made.  “I felt like this song was the perfect mix between my sound and DNCE’s sound, so I just felt like it made sense,” Kygo noted.

The conversation continued, as the duo discussed conceptualizing the music video. From wanting it to serve 80s movie vibes to leaving little hidden treats for fans to find, and also sharing their favorite scenes to shoot. For all that and more check out the entire Audacy Check In with Kygo and Joe Jonas above, and when you're done you can listen to "Dancing Feet" as many times as you'd like below.

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