RADIO.COM LIVE Check In: Tiësto says his daughter was into 'The Business' before she was born

'I’m excited, we’ve got a lot more ammunition coming'
By , Audacy

As the world-renowned DJ and producer, Tiësto, sat down with RADIO.COM’s, Julia to discuss what he’s been working on, what’s coming up for him, and what he has planned once live music and festivals return. But first the artist jumped right into discussing his newborn daughter.

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Above all else for Tiësto, his baby daughter is the greatest gift that’s ever been given to him. “I’m super happy, it’s the best gift I got this year, especially with this lockdown it’s so nice to spend time with her and go through this whole process.
I can’t complain, I’ve been very lucky,” explains the DJ.

Tiësto tells us that when his 3-month-old baby girl gets fussy if he starts playing his newest track, “The Business,” she always quiets down. He adds, “I also played it in the car a lot before it came out, and she was still in the womb, and then she always started kicking when she heard the song, so I think she has a special connection to the song.”

Part one of “The Business” dropped in 2020 and at the beginning of 2021 Tiësto teamed up with Ty Dolla $ign to give us a follow-up to the deep house track with “The Business, Pt. II.”

The producer says he began working on the first track in March of last year, right as we all began going into lockdown. “In the end of March, I was like ‘well by the end of April everything will be back to normal right?’ So, I was like ‘let’s get back to business, back to normal,’” explains the GRAMMY-winning DJ. The world’s naivety about the pandemic led many to believe that we would functioning again just after a few weeks of staying home. Like the rest of the world, Tiësto felt we would all be “getting down to business” in just a couple of weeks.

When putting together “The Business, Pt. II,” Tiësto says that Ty approached him because he loved the track so much that he wanted to create a remix. “I was like ‘Oh yeah, I love your music and you’re a super talented artist so please go ahead!’ And then he made these whole new verses on it and I think it sounds really cool, it’s a great remix,” shares Tiësto.

Tiësto feels as if the Pt.II version of “The Business” is almost like “an answer” to the original track, allowing both songs to go hand-in-hand together.

In terms of his music creation process Tiësto says, “now with this lockdown, I also see another shift that I make more music that is nicer to listen to and not necessarily just to dance to. Before, I made a lot of festival bangers… but you can never play those on the radio, it just doesn’t happen. So now I make a little bit more like car, radio, kind of music and I save the festival bangers when we’re back to party mode.”

The artist reveals that he has been hard at work on a new album since March and that “The Business” serves as the upcoming album’s first single. While he’s trying to choose the follow-up single to “The Business” now, Tiësto shares, “I have some great songs I’m working on right now, so yeah I’m excited, we’ve got a lot more ammunition coming.” The DJ hopes to have the album finished by the summer, but tells us, “you can’t rush art.”

Watch Tiësto's full interview above.

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