Rivers Cuomo sidesteps the drama by launching 'Weezify' to stream all his Weezer and solo demos

It even includes demos written 'before Weezer,' when Cuomo was only 6-years-old!
Rivers Cuomo of Weezer
Rivers Cuomo of Weezer Photo credit Getty Images
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Amid the current hum of artists asking to have their music removed from Spotify over what they consider irresponsibility on the part of the streamer regarding podcaster Joe Rogan’s conversations on vaccines and health restrictions, Weezer’s Rivers Cuomo has hacked his way into the conversation.

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Earlier this month, the Weezer frontman/computer coder launched his very own app, called Weezify -- a self-described “Spotify-like player” containing 3,236 demos -- which he created all on his own throughout 2021.

The demos include collaborations with the band Ozma made between 2012 and 2014, sketches made by Cuomo and drummer Patrick Wilson between 1991 and 2012, and even tracks written “before Weezer,” between 1976 (Cuomo was only 6-years-old!) and 1992.

While fans anxiously await the release of new music from the band, set to arrive with the seasons, interested parties are asked to pay a measly $9 per demo bundle within the app, a paltry sum when you consider the treasure trove of creativity sure to exist within.

“Tired of Spotify? Come on over to Weezify,” Rivers annoounced on social media on January 30, perfectly timed with the recent spate of artists jumping ship from the streaming provider. Rest assured, however. Weezer’s full inventory of official releases are still available on the service.

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