Whitney Cummings has a brilliant idea for an OnlyFans account

It involves robots and roasts
Whitney Cummings
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Comedian Whitney Cummings already has ideas in mind for an OnlyFans account.

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Cummings joined Audacy’s Stryker & Klein where commentary on a recent social media post of hers evolved into whether or not the comedian has ever thought of starting an OnlyFans account. In short, she has.

For those unfamiliar, OnlyFans is a content subscription service. It’s most popularly associated with serving adult content, but there’s other material creators have as well.

So what type of content would Cummings provide? “I could use my robot and she could be naked on there,” she said. Cummings had a robotic version of herself made for her 2019 Netflix special Can I Touch It?

She still owns the robot to this day, but told Stryker & Klein she had another idea in mind for an Onlyfans account.

“I wanted to do a roast on OnlyFans,” Cummings says. “Instead of dirty pictures and videos it was dirty jokes, like the ones we’re not allowed to tell anyone. You’d think every comic has a billion roast jokes that they can’t say ever again. It’s like, what if we just did a roast where it was balls out like the old school ones 15 years ago.”

This is a…. FANTASTIC idea.

Listen to Cummings’ full conversation with Stryker & Klein where she discusses her upcoming Touch Me Tour and more.

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