For WILLOW, International Women’s Day is about ‘shining a light’ on female artists and activists

The Pop-punk songstress speaks about uplifting female artists through collaboration and creation
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Alternative music is full of work created by strong and talented women and non-binary musicians, from Alanis, to Florence, to Halsey. We’ve seen Gwen Stefani and Shirley Manson shattering stereotypes in the 90s, the high emo energy of Hayley Williams and Paramore, and genre-defying newcomers like Billie EilishKing Princess and WILLOW transform the way we view alternative music.

LISTEN NOW: WILLOW talks with Audacy's Ashley O

They’ve inspired us to use our own voices together, working towards equality and against bias. This International Women’s Day, Audacy honors these artists by highlighting their songs and sharing powerful conversations with the voices who have shaped the genre - and are taking it into the future.

Speaking to Audacy’s Ashley O, WILLOW opened up about her creative process and some of the female artists who have inspired her to be as authentic as possible.

Bjork has always been an inspiration for the “transparent soul singer,” and served as a figure who has opened WILLOW up to be truthful to her authentic message. WILLOW noted, “my message is to love yourself, and therefore love others and love the world around you at the most efficient, and effective, and compassionate way you possibly can.”

The Pop-punk songstress’s main goal is to empower her listeners to be the best version of themselves.

On International Women’s Day, WILLOW said, “how I want to give my love back to women is just like giving praise and shining light on female artists and activists….women who are really putting themselves out there to make the world a better place.”

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The artist expanded on her gratitude for the female figures who have given their time and put themselves on the line “to make themselves better so that they can give to the world,” shared the “Emo Girl” collaborator.

Check out WILLOW’s full interview above.

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