2-Year-Old ‘Frozen’ Fan Goes Viral for Snowy Rendition of ‘Let It Go’


It’s never too early to show off your singing chops.

2-year-old Madelyn is no stranger to the indoor singalong when it comes to her favorite movie, “Frozen.” Her “Let It Go” moments usually happen in the comfort of her TV room, but a rare snowstorm in Texas allowed her to strut her stuff in a real “Frozen” setting, and the video quickly went viral.

Madelyn’s mother, Kristi Michele, took to Facebook to share a series of videos. The first features young Madelyn dancing around her TV room in an Elsa dress as she croons the tune “Let It Go.”

But the second video is the one that really stole the show, as Madelyn was able to act out her favorite song in the snowy wonderland of her backyard.

“Frozen is what we do, all the time,” Michele told Today. “She loves it. When we watch the move, she will say every line.”

When a snowstorm hit the small Texas town last week, Madelyn was able to sing the songs in a setting she’d always dreamed of. Michele revealed to Today that Madelyn had been eyeing the snow all morning, hoping to “do her song.”

“She refused to put on her jacket, because she said it would mess up her dress,” she said of the video.

“Madelyn finally got some snow to do her scene,” the caption of the video reads. The video gained the attention of millions of people who shared the sweet clip on their own pages. “It’s a little overwhelming. I’m still in shock, to be honest,” Michele said.

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