Hiring Made Simple: 3 Recruiting Tools For Your Small Business

Hiring Tools
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By , Small Business Pulse

Small businesses can be faced with many difficulties when attracting and securing the best employees. It’s easy to find people looking for work, but what can small businesses do to attract and retain the employees that are the best fit for their company? Here are three recruiting and candidate vetting tools that can help your small business get the right people for the job.

Software has changed small business for the better and Workable is here to help small businesses of all types in their recruiting efforts. With Workable, a small company can create advertisements and target positions on the most appropriate job boards. Workable helps small businesses manage candidate profiles, schedule interviews, and evaluate individuals in order to narrow down to the one best suited for the position. Business News Daily selected Workable as the Best Recruiting Software for small business in 2017, and best of all, it’s available free of charge on a trial basis.

Another excellent recruiting option is Recruiterbox. This online tool is better than most of the competition due to its intuitive setup and ease of use. Small businesses can establish specific job positions and pay only a small, flat rate per posting, per month. Several of the top job boards are included in the price, making it easy for a small business to locate top talent. Fitsmallbusiness.com named Recruiterbox one of the best recruiting tool for small business. For the price and results, it is certainly difficult to beat.

Many small businesses associate LinkedIn with big business and avoid it for that reason. However, LinkedIn is still useful for the small business owner and many of its tools can be accessed for low or no cost. The Wall Street Journal noted that small businesses often approach LinkedIn the wrong way because they apply the same strategy that would be used by a large business.

The key to small business success with LinkedIn is to search for qualified candidates, and then research the places they have worked to find others who worked in the same company and role. The results will provide a viable candidate pool from which to recruit. Posting a job position and waiting for a response is a large company strategy and will likely not produce the best results.