4 Great Apps to Help Organize Your Business Meetings

Video Conferencing
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By , Small Business Pulse

Whether sharing policy updates, hosting a planning or strategy session, or discussing important objectives and goals, meetings are a critical communication forum for businesses of every size. Today’s digital landscape includes a variety of apps that are designed to simplify meeting planning, which also boosts productivity and helps teams stay organized. To assist in your meeting planning, scheduling, communication and follow-ups, you may want to consider one of these meeting apps.

Less Meeting
The Less Meeting app is about streamlining the meeting processes in every phase, including planning, running and following up on meetings. The planning tool helps create agendas and simplify minutes, as well as find ways to implement meeting best practices. During meetings, notes can be taken online while action items and decision making can be tracked and documented. Automated follow up allows all of this information to be dispersed once the meeting is over, creating less need for post-meeting questions, especially from team members who may have missed a meeting. The follow-up process also generates reminders and tracks action items. Meetings can be conducted and attended anywhere via iPhone and iPad apps.

Zoom provides user-friendly online video conferencing with high-quality and high-definition video, as well as premium audio. Excellent for hosting webinars, conducting online training, video demonstrations and teaching online courses, small businesses can benefit from the many features offered by Zoom. Up to 1,000 video participants and 10,000 viewers can access an instant or scheduled meeting with an option to join by phone. With an integrated single cloud platform, Zoom also offers cross-platform messaging and file sharing, as well as video enabled meeting spaces called Zoom Rooms. Businesses that want to connect their employees either just on occasion or remotely on a daily basis can do so with ease.

ezTalks Cloud Meeting
Users can join an online meeting from a mobile device by logging into the ezTalks Cloud Meeting app via a Google account or social media platform like Facebook. Once joined, meeting attendees can chat with each other, share screens and presentations and document ideas, notes and more on whiteboards. Meetings can be conducted via video conference, and customers, suppliers and more can be contacted during meetings via group or private text messages. This app is also great for hosting webinars. A record and playback feature allows any meeting, webinar or training session to be recorded and saved in real time for playback and sharing at a later date. ezTalks Cloud Meeting supports multiple digital platforms including Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone, iPad, and various web browsers.

Doodle is a meeting scheduling app that allows you to find out team member availability through its polling feature. This is great for bigger companies or even smaller teams that are widely geographically dispersed so that you can find out who is available to meet, and when. The integrated calendar and address book make it easy to poll participants straight from your contact list and suggest meeting dates based on open calendar dates.

You can also suggest meeting places, times, and preferences. For instance, if you’re hosting a lunch meeting, you can create a poll asking attendees for menu preferences. You’ll be notified every time a participant responds. Once everyone votes, you can share the final results, set your meeting, and even plan the agenda via the Doodle app. This eliminates the need for multiple phone calls and emails to try and establish the best meeting date and time. All polls can be viewed and saved via the Doodle dashboard. A subscription-based premium version of the app offers the ability to request additional information from participants such as contact emails or addresses, as well as custom design, SSL encryption and more. Doodle is also available across multiple digital platforms on major mobile devices via the Apple app store or Google Play.