5 Easy Ways to Make Your Office More Conducive to Creativity

Creative Office
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By , Small Business Pulse

Sitting in an office all day can dull the senses. If your job requires any creativity at all, this can be disastrous. Even for employees who are not in super-creative roles, imagination, ingenuity and inventiveness are still professional skills you want to foster and encourage in the workplace. Don’t waste another workday in an uninspired work environment. Make your office more conducive to creativity with these simple tips.

While the scatterbrained, free-spirited artist is a well-known cliche, in reality, clutter and a lack of organization can have a distracting effect in the workplace. Distractions, of course, make it hard for employees to focus and can hinder creativity. Maintaining organization is a great start to creating an office space that is more conducive to creativity. Knowing where everything is when you need it is key to keeping up a creative flow.

Relax and unplug
It's important to unplug at least a couple times throughout the day. It can be difficult to get the creative juices flowing with the distractions of email, social media and text notifications. Make a team space in your office where employees can go to unwind, socialize and relax sans the harsh glow of laptop screens or computer monitors. Encourage coworkers to shut their laptops during the brainstorming portion of company meetings in order to spark creative energy and foster collaboration.

Set the mood
For many of us, music can easily affect our mood. It can arouse powerful feelings, sorrow or happiness, and can even be used as a kind of therapy. Music can stimulate creative thinking as well. Specifically, one study found that happy music can have a positive impact on divergent thinking and can even “enhance the cognitive flexibility needed to come up with innovative solutions.”

Add personal touches
Creative sparks are often initiated by things that matter to us. Be sure to keep personal touches in your office that inspire you, motivate you and make you smile. This could be anything from drawings from your child to a plant you love. Pictures of loved ones also go a long way.

Soak in some rays
Vitamin D “supports the health of the immune system, brain, and nervous system,” so it makes sense that a little bit of sunshine can not only brighten your day, but can also spark some creative energy. Getting outside and spending time in natural surroundings can also boost creativity. Hold meetings in bright spaces with plenty of natural light and make sure your employees get outside for fresh air at least a few times a day. Grab lunch outside when weather permits, go for a quick walk around the block on your lunch break, or hold an off-site coffee meeting at the cafe down the street once a week.