5 Ways to Effectively Use Twitter to Market Your Small Business

Photo credit Roman Stavila/Getty Images
By , Small Business Pulse

Twitter has come a long way since its 2006 launch. As a top player for business marketing, small business owners are growing their presence using Twitter’s comprehensive strategies. Twitter for Business explains how small business owners can seize the potential of Twitter to build business influence and growth. Be smart and gain savvy knowledge through the Best Practices for B2B Marketers on Twitter ebook as small businesses should look to foster relationships through social media beyond the consumer level. Try these five best practices to begin marketing your small business on Twitter.

Keep it short and simple
It may seem distinctive to have a Twitter handle that stands out and is unique, but no one will remember an overly complicated handle with numbers or special characters, especially if it doesn’t define your business or location. A short and logical Twitter handle that fits will make your business easy to find.

Tweet often
Due to the nature of being in real time, frequent tweets are a great benefit to small business customers. Tweets can provide consistent and relevant information, keeping followers informed and up-to-date. To give more content, add a link to your website and use one or two hashtags to broaden your audience. Research by Buddy Media has shown that using more than two hashtags can actually lower engagement.

Tweet deals
Customers want deals, discounts, and something of value to take away from following your business on social media. Tweets should include deals for special events, holiday promotions, discounts and community events that attract and keep followers engaged. Businesses can also point customers to promos that are linked to their website. Twitter deals, community news and updates, and promotions remind followers why they follow your business.

Provide timely customer service
Use Twitter’s customer service features to quickly respond and provide customer support. People are quick to share their complaints and frustrations about a product or company. Responding to customers within five minutes helps grow strong customer relationships and develops a good business reputation.

Ask for feedback
Ask for reader feedback so you know you are being heard and attracting followers. Have customers tweet back to give opinions or answers to your questions. Twitter additionally offers Customer Feedback Cards, which lets users share their opinions with businesses after a service interaction.