Advice for those thinking of making a career change this new year

Someone trying to decide on their career.
Someone trying to decide on their career. Photo credit Getty Images
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With the new year comes resolutions of eating healthier and sticking to good habits, while for some, it means changing jobs. But what advice do recruiters have for those thinking of making a career change?

Minnesota recruiter Paul DeBettignies joined News Talk 830 WCCO’s Vineeta Sawkar, sharing a few tips for those contemplating a move in their professional life.

DeBettignies shared that “every year” surveys come out with “astronomical” numbers reporting that more than half of respondents want to change their careers. However, he says he would like to see that survey again in November or December, as many never prepare for the right changes.

“We say we’re going to do these things, and then we don’t really start a plan and don’t really hold ourselves accountable,” DeBettignies said.

To help with this, DeBettignies recommends that those wanting to make a change seek out others who have been in similar situations and “just do it.”

DeBettignies says that while employers made decisions based on what was best for their business during the pandemic and the current economic climate, workers need to do the same for themselves.

“I think we need to be just as loyal to ourselves as we are to our teams and our managers,” DeBettignies said.

One criticism that DeBettignies says many people like to say is that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side for those who make a career change. But DeBettignies pointed out that making a career change doesn’t always mean leaving your company.

For those wanting to make a change, DeBettignies says the first thing he would do is look to see if he can shift his role at his current company to find something else for his skill set.

Another piece of advice that DeBettignies shared is getting out and putting your best foot forward before you want or need to make a change.

“We only think about our job or a job search or networking when things have already happened to us,” DeBettignies said. “So if you’re going to be doing a job change this year or you’re thinking about your job or career, start networking now.”

DeBettignies says that if the great recession taught workers anything, it’s that we should constantly be in “career maintenance” mode.

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