Al Capone's letters, other belongings to be auctioned

Al Capone
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Letters written by Al Capone are among items from the gangster that will be put up for auction next month at Hindman Auctions in Chicago.

There are three letters, some photographs, matchbooks and a Colt revolver that the auction house said Capone is believed to have used.

One was written two days after an assassination attempt in 1925.

“Well Pal things have been so darn exciting that I haven’t had the time to change clothes," Capone wrote.

Another, from 1924, begins, “Well, Bill, I want you to find that bootlegger that sold me the wine and whiskey when I was there and tell him I want him to come right away to Chicago because I have a big order for him.”

“These letters, written by Capone to his friends, mark some of the most pivotal moments in his time with the Chicago Outfit, discussing the 1925 attempt on his life, bootlegging, and the establishment of Cicero as the gang’s new headquarters just outside of Chicago in 1929,” said Hindman’s Vice President & Senior Specialist for Books & Manuscripts Gretchen
Hause in a news release.

“We know of no examples of Capone letters to come to market from this prime period of his life, when his influence on organized crime in Chicago was at its apex.”

The auction starts at 9:00 a.m. on November 9 in person, on-line or on the phone.

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Featured Image Photo Credit: Keystone/Getty Images