Developing Great Managers for Your Small Business

Developing Great Managers
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By , Small Business Pulse

When an organization has a great manager at the helm leading the way, success is imminent. A great manager makes sure all aspects of the business are maintained and run smoothly. They put the proper people in the right places and make sure they have adequate tools and training to help ensure success.

The development of employees into great managers can be a valuable asset for retaining top talent within an organization. When you invest in developing from inside your organization, you create a smarter, more productive workforce. According to Dr. Michael Crant at the University of Notre Dame’s Mendoza College of Business, understanding the ingredients of how to become an effective leader is important to new managers seeking to improve their skills. Focusing on the best practices and improving on them throughout your career is key to becoming a successful manager. Here are some of the best practices used to develop great managers.

According to Dr. Crant, supervisors that are active, rather than passive or reactive, are more involved because they want to make a difference. Employees with these characteristics are effective workers with a huge potential to develop into great managers. Forbes revealed that employees with an active role in their decision making have an increase in performance. Those who volunteer see “assignments as developmental, while those who are assigned regard the task as hard labor.” Employees who make the choice to take on a project will bring a positive attitude that can have a big impact on the development and growth of a business. Involving team members will increase satisfaction and help them to excel and develop into great managers within organizations.

Development without recognition is like getting an A on a test without ever being told. According to Forbes, “When leaders are more effective at recognition, their employees feel more positive about their development.” Recognition creates a positive work environment where employees can be more productive if they can anticipate a reward for a stellar performance in the workplace. Recognizing your top talent also encourages others to perform. Building on a valuable skill set can provide future training to other team members who show leadership qualities, further building a stronger management team within your organization.

Employees that work well with others are a valuable asset to any organization. The ability to collaborate effectively on different projects with cross-functional teams is an enormous contribution to any business. Team players are excellent candidates to develop into great managers. Not only does collaboration create new ideas, but it also helps increase productivity and foster a thriving environment for success. Find those that work well with others and harness that talent to develop an effective manager for your organization.

Part of being a great leader and manager is having humility. It is very important to be able to admit when you are wrong and to be accountable for your mistakes. Your actions and behavior will be seen as an example for others to follow. Create a work environment that is honest and transparent. As no one is perfect, mistakes will happen. Dealing with conflict is an important role of a manager, and how you deal with those situations will establish your credibility and set the tone for your employees.