Egg prices are finally starting to drop (gently)

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If you’ve had to cut back on a morning cornerstone due to high prices, you may be able to start easing eggs back onto the breakfast menu.

Prices are finally starting to slide back down, according to the USDA.

While prices may remain high for the foreseeable future due to a number of factors, the burden on consumers’ wallets is beginning to lessen.

The USDA reports that the wholesale price of a dozen eggs has decreased anywhere from 15 cents to 35 cents on average across the U.S., depending on the region.

Egg prices have been impacted in recent months by the increased cost of feed and transportation coinciding with a worldwide bout of avian bird flu.

Over 58 million birds have died or been culled due to the outbreak, according to the CDC, and poultry operations in 47 states have been affected.

And while there is a lag between those wholesale price decreases and an actual drop in retail cost at the grocery store, hopefully soon we won’t have to break the bank to eat egg-xactly what we want for breakfast again.

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