Family of Toddler Who Died in Cruise Ship Fall Stands Behind Charged Grandfather

Family of Toddler Who Died in Cruise Ship Fall Stands Behind Charged Grandfather
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Tragedy struck a family as their 1-year-old daughter died after falling from a cruise ship.

Multiple news outlets confirm that the grandfather of the baby has been charged with negligent homicide.

Associated Press reported that a judge in Puerto Rico ordered the arrest of Salvatore Anello on Monday. Prosecutors argued that his granddaughter Chloe Wiegand fell and died after she was lifted up to an open window on the ship.

Anello is facing three years in prison for the death of his granddaughter.

ABC reported that the judge decided a bond of $80,000 for Anello. His preliminary hearing is set for November 20. The PR Department of Justice said the grandfather has been released on bond.

Michael Winkleman, an attorney for Chloe’s parents said the family was “fractured” after the grandfather’s arrest.

Winkleman told NBC News that the charge was “like pouring salt on an open wound” for Chloe’s parents, Alan and Kimberly Wiegand.

"The family is crushed. Utterly crushed," Winkleman said. "I think they were doing their best to really start the process of grieving for the months since the incident, since the tragedy happened and I think they were really doing their best to keep it together for their 11-year-old son,” he added.

Back in July, when the cruise ship was docked in San Juan, Anello placed Chloe near an open window. The grandfather thought the window was closed.

His granddaughter then fell out of the Royal Caribbean cruise ship’s 11th story window.

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