The simple way to get rid of your Christmas tree

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It's that time of year when countless Americans are faced with a post-holiday dilemma: finding a way to properly dispose of their Christmas trees.

One woman in Pennsylvania has come up with a solution for all of her neighbors. She's been taking their trees and feeding them to her goats.

Holtwood resident Leeann Haas, who owns several goats, told WGAL not only do the animals love pine needles, but they're also good for their health.

Apparently, pine needles fight off internal parasites, extending a typical goat's lifespan.

If you don't know anyone with goats, there are several other sustainable ways you can recycle your live Christmas tree.

Many communities offer free Christmas tree recycling and make mulch, compost, and wood chips from the trees. If don't live in one of these areas, the Arbor Day Foundation has eight different ways you can reuse your tree long after the season is over:

1. Firewood
Evergreens tend to burn hot and fast, making them ideal for bonfires.

2. Mulch
Mulch down your tree or make compost out of it. Pine needles are full of nutrients that enhance the PH of soil and allow  soil to breathe without becoming dense and compacted, the foundation says.

3. Wildlife
Birds and other wildlife can take over your tree even if it isn't living. Prop it up in your yard, attach some feeders and watch what happens.

4. Fish Feeder
When trees are dropped and left in water, they become a thriving reserve for fish, according to the foundation. As time passes, algae starts to form on the tree, feeding fish and protecting them from predators.

5. Ash for Your Garden
Wood ash can help the plants in your garden thrive. It's full of nutrients like potassium and lime that not only nourish your plants but help keep insects away.

6. Insulate Your Garden
Cut the branches from your tree and place them over your garden during the winter to help protect plants and keep a steady temperature during the colder months.

7. Air Fresheners
As long as the needles are still green, they'll retain their scent. You can store them in sachets to use as fresheners in your home year-round.

8. Coasters
This requires a little ingenuity. Once your tree is completely dry, cut inch-thick sections from the trunk and coat with varnish to create one-of-a-kind drink coasters.

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