Here's what will happen to Queen Elizabeth's corgis after her death

Queen Elizabeth with dogs
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On her 18th birthday, the late Queen Elizabeth II was gifted a corgi named Susan. From this one pup, an entire line of royal canine succession can be traced. So what happens now to the queen’s beloved companions after her passing?

Queen Elizabeth left behind at least four dogs when she passed away last week at the age of 96: two Pembroke Welsh corgis named Muick and Sandy, a cocker spaniel named Lissy, and Candy, a dachshund corgi hybrid called a dorgi that the queen herself originated.

Immediately after her death, there was much speculation as to the future home, or homes, of the queen’s dogs, with various sources citing her grandson Prince William and members of the royal staff as possible rehome locations.

However, now it appears it will be her son Prince Andrew and his ex-wife Sarah, the Duchess of York, who are in line to inherit the royal pets, according to reporting by NBC.

The four dogs under the queen’s care at the time of her death were simply the most recent pets the noted animal-lover cared for over the course of her time wearing the crown. Queen Elizabeth owned around 30 pets total during her long life at Buckingham Palace.

And while the queen’s official royal breeding program was ended in 2015 because of her concern over leaving pups behind after her death, she changed her mind about personal pups last year when Prince Andrew and his daughters gifted the queen her two current corgis after the death of her husband Prince Philip.

It seems those dogs will now be returned to Andrew to live out their days at Royal Lodge, a mansion on the Windsor estate grounds.

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