How much does your state love pumpkin spice?

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While some of us may be trying to cling to the last days of summer, others are eagerly anticipating fall. In fact, surveys conducted in 2013 and 2020 show that autumn is most people’s favorite season in the U.S.

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One thing many people associate with fall is pumpkin spice, especially since Starbucks made its Pumpkin Spice Latte an annual tradition back in 2003. This year, Illinois-based company Bid-On-Equipment conducted research to find out which states are the most obsessed with pumpkin spice.

The top 10

States with big-population cities topped the list. Census bureau data from 2021 shows that New York City, N.Y.; Los Angeles, Calif.; Chicago, Ill.; Houston, Texas, and Phoenix, Ariz., were the most populated cities in the country. Each made it on the top 10 list for pumpkin spice lovers, with California landing in second place behind Washington state.

1.       Washington

2.       California

3.       Colorado

4.       Oregon

5.       Illinois

6.       Texas

7.       Virginia

8.       Arizona

9.       Hawaii

10.   New York

Somewhere in the middle

11.   Nevada

12.   New Jersey

13.   Maryland

14.   Florida

15.   Minnesota

16.   New Mexico

17.   North Carolina

18.   Connecticut

19.   Pennsylvania

20.   Wisconsin

21.   Georgia

22.   Massachusetts

23.   Utah

24.   Ohio

25.   Kansas

26.   Nebraska

27.   Michigan

28.   Indiana

29.   Alaska

30.   Tennessee

31.   Iowa

32.   North Dakota

33.   Delaware

34.   Idaho

35.   Missouri

36.   Arkansas

37.   South Carolina

38.   Kentucky

39.   Montana

40.   South Dakota

The bottom 10

It appears that some Southern states and New England states share a common disinterest for pumpkin spice.

41.   Rhode Island

42.   Wyoming

43.   New Hampshire

44.   Oklahoma

45.   West Virginia

46.   Alabama

47.   Vermont

48.   Louisiana

49.   Maine

50.   Mississippi

Pumpkin spice-obsessed cities

In addition to ranking states, Bid-On-Equipment identified the U.S. cities that love pumpkin spice the most. Although Minnesota ranked 15 on the state list, its largest city came out at the top of the cities ranking.

1.       Minneapolis, Minn.

2.       Seattle, Wash.

3.       Miami, Fla.

4.       Atlanta, Ga.

5.       Las Vegas, Nev.

6.       Denver, Colo.,

7.       Tampa, Fla.

8.       Sacramento, Calif.

9.       Raleigh, N.C.

10.   Austin, Texas

“We wanted to know how Americans really feel about pumpkin spice lattes, so we analyzed Google search data to find out which states and cities are the most obsessed, and what their favorite type of PSL is. We also surveyed [500] Americans to get their opinions on the staple drink,” said Bid-On-Equipment.

Overall, the company’s research found that 67% Americans enjoy pumpkin spice, while 5% hide their love for it. On average, individuals in the U.S. buy three pumpkin spice lattes each year.

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