PHOTO: Lightning bolt hurls chunk of highway through truck’s windshield

Damage caused to a Ford truck after a lightening bolt send chucks of the pavement through the front and back windshield
Photo credit Walton County Fire Rescue, Florida

Mother nature gave Florida residents an incredible scare after a lightning bolt struck the highway, sending parts of the pavement crashing through the windshield of a Ford pick-up truck.

The Walton County Fire Rescue team from the center of the Florida Panhandle said the “dinner plate” sized pieces of the interstate sent glass shattering on top of two passengers inside of the 2018 F150 early Monday morning, the NY Post reported.

“It’s probably pretty unique and it’ll probably never happen again,” Chief Christopher Brown told the outlet.

Photos posted to the rescue teams official Facebook page show the extensive damage caused to the front and back windshields of the car. A bright orange hole in the front windshield shows the incredible heat caused by the lightening bolt. All other traffic on the road appears to have been cleared when the photos were taken.

The second photo shows small fragments of asphalt scattered across the back of the truck cover. Both photos depict the rainy and dangerous weather conditions at the time of the accident.

The unnamed passengers in the car were found bloodied at the scene and were quickly transported to nearby hospitals with injuries, Brown reported.

“The occupants were pretty lucky,” he said.

The fire team hopes the bad weather that likely caused this frightening incident has passed through the town, but warned the community to continue exercising caution.

“Fortunately, most of the bad weather is past us now, but please be careful out there this morning,” the Facebook post read. “Slow down and be on the lookout for storm damage and debris in the roadways.”

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Featured Image Photo Credit: Walton County Fire Rescue, Florida Facebook