Long John Silver’s teams with brewery to create new “Swashbockler” beer

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Over the last few years, a number of fast food chains have gone out of their way to find products other than their own food to drum up new excitement for their customers.

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Collaborating with other brands, some of these chains have offered things such as clothing, household items, and of course, alcohol. Now, another fast food chain has joined the trend.

Long John Silver’s may be known for fried fish, but now they are adding something unexpected to their repertoire -- beer. The seafood giant recently announced they have teamed up with Louisiana’s Shippingport Brewing Company to create the new “Swashbockler” beer.

The 6.5% ABV malty bock beer beer is brewed with one of the fast food chain’s signature ingredients, malt vinegar. According to Bro Bible, the beer was released during lent as a nod to the Bavarian monks who consumed bock beer while fasting during Lent.

The cheeky name of the beer is a nod to a nickname for a pirate, or "swashbuckler," as the chain is named after the fictional pirate in Robert Louis Stevenson's classic adventure tale, "Treasure Island."

Like many recent brand collabs, the initial impression may take a second to process, but often works -- we're looking at you, Wendy's Pringles chicken sandwich.

Long John Silver fans are excited to give the new brew a try, but we have not been able to confirm if a bottle of "Swashbockler" comes with a side of tartar sauce.

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