PHOTOS: People are getting inventive by making art out of cicada shells


Cicadas are coming to invade… the world of art.

With summer approaching, Brood X cicadas are beginning to emerge and along with it a creepy new art trend.

Artists have now invented a peculiar quick fix for the flood of cicada shells that have emerged across the country. According to Fox News, people are now creating monster-inspired art with cicadas.

This is an extraordinary time for bug connoisseurs as cicadas emerge only every 17 years.

While many will probably cringe over cicadas' loud mating sounds and avoid them at all costs, you’ll probably see shells wherever you go.

A rediscovered art piece from 2018 has inspired many to recreate the trend.

Twitter user @Ride_Hero_ created a giant monster-inspired creature out of dozens or even hundreds of cicada shells. The monster figure looks similar to Godzilla or even a Power Ranger.

Another user @YizzyYu created a replica of a Xenomorph from the Alien movie franchise.

"They’re evolving!" she tweeted. "Getting ready for the coming cicada emergence with some art inspiration from ride_hero’s creations and other cicada shell artists out there.”

Other cicada trends have developed over the past month. For example, taking the opportunity to cook up the insects for a meal.

Chef Joseph Yoon educates foodies on his social media channel @brooklynbugs and prepares insect treats like cicada nymph salad, guacamole, and kimchi. Yoon has cooked up dozens of dishes with the cicada nymphs and plans to make many more meals out of the Brood X bugs’ lifespan.

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Featured Image Photo Credit: (Getty Images)