Millions of Americans have not claimed their stimulus checks


Have you claimed your federal stimulus check? Nearly 9 million Americans may have missed out, according to the IRS.

Checks went out automatically to eligible Americans based on their tax returns, but millions of low-income people do not normally file taxes, and those people are at risk of missing out on their $1,200 check.

The IRS says it sent letters notifying millions of people who fall into this category and have not claimed their checks.

The San Francisco nonprofit Code for America estimates that $600 million has gone unclaimed in California.

“That’s about 618,000 people in California that have a chance to file for the economic stimulus - as well as, by the way, any tax benefits that haven’t been received now or in the past as well,” said CEO Amanda Renteria.

These are generally people making less than $66,000 per year whom the IRS hasn’t been able to contact.

The IRS is encouraging people to fill out a form online with their payment information so they can get their checks.

And Code For America has created a website to help,, to help people file their taxes and answer your questions.

“We created an app that’s very simple,” said Renteria. “So not only are we helping you through it but we’re also giving you volunteer help that has been certified and understands the process so that those forms are filled out well so that you get the stimulus that really should come to you.”

The deadline to send the IRS your payment information is Nov. 21.

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