Moana, Not Marijuana: Bakery Screw-Up Leaves Woman With Weed-Themed Birthday Cake

An Atlanta woman was left scratching her head when she received an unusual marijuana-themed birthday cake instead of the Moana one ordered by her mother.

Kensli Davis, the 25-year-old birthday girl, posted a photo of the bungled ice cream cake on her Facebook. She explained that her mother ordered one from a local Dairy Queen that was supposed to feature her favorite Disney character, Moana.

“Well needless to say,” she went on in her post, “these people thought she said marijuana.”

Needless to say, indeed. One look is all you need to see where the miscommunication happened with the cake, which featured a frosting-haloed pot leaf and a green cartoon pony with bloodshot eyes puffing on a joint. The cake read “Happy 25th Birthday Kensli” in green frosting.

To the Dairy Queen’s credit, it was tasty. Davis wrote, “The ice cream cake was still good.”

The store may have even stumbled on a new hot-selling item. One commenter on Davis’s post wrote, “I just need to know where she ordered it cause I want this.”