FDA approves eye drops that could replace reading glasses: 'It's definitely a life changer'

The eye drops provide sharper vision for six to 10 hours
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If you're a person who wears glasses to see, listen up!

There might be a new invention on the horizon that allows you to put the glasses down!

The FDA recently approved a new eye drop that could replace reading glasses for millions.

According to CBS News, the eye drop that's hitting the market on Thursday helps those with age-related blurred vision. The outlet notes that the condition affects mostly people 40 and older.

The drops, called Vuity, were approved in October. The have the power to replace reading glasses for roughly 128 million Americans. The medicine begins to kick in about 15 minutes and improves vision for six to 10 hours.

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“It's definitely a life changer,” said Toni Wright, one of the 750 participants in a clinical trial to test the drug.

"I would not need my readers as much, especially on the computer, where I would always need to have them on," she said of the improvement.

How does it work? "Reducing the pupil size expands the depth of field or the depth of focus, and that allows you to focus at different ranges naturally," said Dr. George Waring, the principal investigator for the trial.

The cost is pretty manageable also. A 30-day supply of the drug will cost about $80 and works best in people 40 to 55 years old.

Side effects detected in the three-month trial included headaches and red eyes, the company said.

The outlet notes that Vuity is the first FDA-approved eye drop of its kind on the market. Thanks to these little eye drops, aging just got a little easier.

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Featured Image Photo Credit: Jovanmandic