News anchor goes viral after TV station shares the most random tweet about him

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A man named Mark Johnson is now a viral superstar simply for being Mark Johnson.

Who is Mark Johnson, you ask? Well, he’s a news anchor at KTVB-TV in Idaho and now the world knows his name.

Earlier this week, Johnson began getting fame outside his local television market after someone managing the station’s social media account tweeted out his name, Mark Johnson, and bio for reasons unknown, reported Today.

A few hours later, things started getting even more bizarre as Mark Johnson’s own Twitter account sent out a similar tweet that simply stated his name “Mark Johnson.” Paging, conspiracy theorists!

The simple, yet strange, unprompted posts began receiving a lot of reaction from the Twittersphere and racked up thousands of comments and retweets.

Mark Johnson himself appeared to get in on the action and tweeted a response blaming his daughters for the social media posts.

“This is pretty hilarious but I’m pretty sure my teenage daughters had something to do with this,” Mark Johnson allegedly wrote from his personal account. “All I can say is that I WILL get them back for this! (But probably not).”

Regardless who was behind the clandestine viral campaign, the online community got a big kick out of the entire Mark Johnson scandal.

“Who the heck is Mark Johnson?” asked one user.

Others chose to make memes out of the new moniker taking the internet by storm.

The following day, Johnson seized on his notoriety by devoting a segment on the news broadcast to the incident.

"My phone blew up from friends around the country who watched it unfold late into the night," he said. "It was pretty nuts."

The Twitter star then put the entire random experience into perspective and hoped it could bring levity to people dealing with so much these days.

“After everything we have all been through in this past year and with so many looking for even a momentary diversion and a little levity from the daily grind, if this little Twitter event provided that, then I guess I can chuckle along with everyone else at my expense," he added.

No word if Mark Johnson plans on conquering TikTok next.

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