Pastor issues apology after COVID outbreak at church infects 60 people

A pastor in Maine is apologizing to the community after church services were linked to an outbreak of coronavirus.

According to the Maine CDC, at least 60 positive cases of the novel virus have been connected to worship services at Brooks Pentecostal Church in Waldo County, reported Newsweek.

Between 100 - 150 people attended the church event and although masks were available, they were “not routinely used,” Dr. Nirav Shah said according to the outlet.

Following news of the spread of infection to his parishioners, Pastor Matthew Shaw issued his regrets and apologized during a virtual sermon on Facebook.

"We want to say today that we regret what has happened," Shaw said. "We ask your forgiveness. We apologize that the sickness came to our church. And we apologize for the consequences that maybe the community is feeling, the fear that is settling into the hearts of men and women."

"You are the ones today that, again, we want to make sure you know that we are sorry," Shaw added. "And we want you to know today that we love you. And we want you to know today that if it's in your heart, as some have told me we will never be forgiven for this."

According to WBAI, at least one COVID-positive individual has been hospitalized.

The CDC disclosed 34 of the positive cases stemmed from people who attended the service, with the other 26 getting infected after being in close contact with attendees.

Since the onset of the pandemic, Maine has confirmed 6,311 positive cases, with at leasts 146 deaths, Newsweek noted.

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