Photo Shows Kindergartner Being ‘Totally Over’ Virtual Learning


As children adjust to their new schedules of remote learning, many are becoming exhausted by the new format.

A photo of a 5-year-old is making its rounds on the internet after he is seen completely uninterested in his remote learning for kindergarten.

Kara McDowell of Mesa, Arizona, posted the picture to her son’s Twitter on his third day. Already, the picture has received over 58,000 likes.

The mother-of-three told Good Morning America that her children began remote learning on August 3, and she had stepped away from her son, Graham, to help his sibling with their classwork.

“Everyone thought it was funny,” McDowell said. “I think if you’re in school or working from home and doing anything over a long video call, you can relate to being totally over it.”

Graham starts his class at 8:00 a.m. and is scheduled to be on until 1:20 p.m. His mother said there are breaks in between those five hours.

Users on Twitter have reacted to the hilarious photo of her son sprawled out on a chair beneath his laptop.

“I am experiencing this right this second with a third grader,” one parent wrote. “And today’s only a half-day.”

“Omg thank you for sharing this,” another mom said. “I always feel like a failure of a mom when my kindergartner shuts down during virtual class!!

Despite her son's apparent boredom, McDowell said the teachers in her kids’ school district are doing an incredible job.

“I’m sure they didn’t expect to teach kids to read over a screen,” she added. “They’re doing the best they can and I have no complaints about the teachers.”

McDowell hopes her kids can safely return to the school building shortly.

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Featured Image Photo Credit: (Getty Images)