Photo shows first all-female crew in fire department’s 57-year history: ‘It’s so empowering’


An inspiring photo circulating the internet shows a group of five women, the first all-female crew in the 57-year history of the Palm Beach Gardens Fire Rescue.

Rescue lieutenants Krystyna Krakowski and Kelsey Krzywada, firefighter paramedic Julie Dudley, captain Monica Marzullo, and driver engineer Sandi Ladewski of the Fire Rescue in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, all posted in the uplifting picture to social media.

The firefighters posted for the picture to promote their non-profit, Firefighters to the Rescue, and celebrate their all-women crew.

“It’s so empowering, and at the same time, it’s humbling at how big it’s gotten,” Krakowski told Good Morning America. “We are all lifting each other because there’s a small quantity of us."

Krakowski shared that her male coworkers and other fire departments have been cheering her crew on using hashtags on social like #estrogenexpress, #sheshift, and #shecommand.

“It was funny, and that’s how our guys are supporting us,” she shared.

Chief James N. Ippolito said when he started filling station positions at the firehouse, it just so happened that all females were scheduled for that shift.

“Our progressive staffing and recruitment efforts are reflected in that moment,” Ippolito said. “As an equal opportunity employer, anyone who meets the job performance expectations is qualified to work for our department, regardless of gender.”

He explained how the department is very proud that 58% of their female firefighters hold lieutenant or higher rank.

Krakowski said she and her crew are thrilled with the praise the picture has received on social media.

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Featured Image Photo Credit: (Getty Images)