Planning a trip? Here are the world's most welcoming countries

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After years of being at home, you're ready for travel again. 2023 is going to be your year. You're thinking of taking a trip -- a big one -- but where do you go?

Sure, the U.S. has plenty of vacation destinations. But you want something bigger -- maybe even the trip of a lifetime. An international location, somewhere exotic, is on your mind.

For passport holders, some countries are more open than others.

Global citizenship firm Arton Capital has shared its rank of Most Welcoming Countries of 2022. The countries are ranked by how many passports they accept visa-free, with visa on arrival or with eTA (Electronic Travel Authorization).

More than 20 countries took the top spot:
• Angola (Central Africa)
• Djibouti (East Africa)
• Guinea (West Africa)
• Maldives (South Asia)
• Comoros (East Africa)
• Somalia (East Africa)
• Bolivia (South America)
• East Timor (Southeast Asian)
• Malawi (East Africa)
• Qatar (Middle East)
• Micronesia (Oceania)
• Burundi (East Africa)
• Guinea-Bissau (West Africa)
• Nigeria (West Africa)
• Tuvalu (Oceania)
• Samoa (Oceania)
• Gabon (Central Africa)
• Cote d'Ivoire (West Africa)
• South Sudan (North Africa)
• Democratic Republic of Congo (Central Africa)
• Rwanda (East Africa)
• Cambodia (Asia)
• Ethiopia (East Africa)

Six countries tied for second place:
• Seychelles (East Africa)
• Togo (West Africa)
• Uganda (East Africa)
• Cape Verde (Africa)
• Mauritania (Africa)
• Suriname (South America)

Three countries came in third place:
• Palau (Oceania)
• Dominica (Caribbean)
• Madagascar (East Africa)

In fourth place is Malaysia (Asia) and in fifth place is Lesotho (Southern Africa).

The United States ranks near the bottom of the list as the 73rd most welcoming country.

The least welcoming, in 86th place, are North Korea (East Asia), Turkmenistan (Central Asia), and Afghanistan (Middle East).

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