Principal caught trying to end classes a week early

Student sitting outside principal's office
Student sitting outside principal's office Photo credit Getty Images

A Manhattan principal has come under fire from parents, and received a massive wave of support from her students, after she was caught trying to end classes a week early.

School of Future principal Stacy Goldstein wrote to parents in an email that there would be no in-person nor remote classes, though students would still be required to sign in electronically to "satisfy attendance requirements."

While the students no doubt were thrilled, the parents had issues, as they received no explanation for the early end to the "tumultuous" school year.

One mom told the NY Post, "You should never end school early, but if there was ever a year for more instruction rather than less, this was it. There was a lot of frustration over this. They’re having kids sign in for classes that aren’t happening to cover themselves.”

Despite the attempt from Goldstein, classes will continue for the full term.

Department of Education spokesperson Danielle Filson said in a statement, "Our students need to be learning every single day of the school year, and a school communication suggesting otherwise is not acceptable. The Principal is following up with the entire school community to clarify that students will be attending school and receiving instruction until June 25.”

Goldstein followed up with her own statement, apologizing for the "miscommunication" with her announcement. She said, "I would like to clarify the schedule for next week. I apologize for my miscommunication. Next week, we have regular attendance days, meaning that all students are meant to be present whether in person or remote following their usual schedule.”

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