Scientists discover new species of whales off coast of Mexico

The whales were first noticed making an unidentified acoustic signal in the area
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Even though the majority of Earth is covered by water, there are still numerous species living in the ocean that are unknown to mankind.

Researchers in Mexico recently announced they believe they've discovered a new species of whales, according to CNN.

The previously unknown beaked whale was spotted after unidentified acoustic signals were picked up in the area.

Scientists for the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society working off the western coast of Mexico first spotted the new species of whales last month near the San Benito Islands, about 300 miles from the US border.

“We saw something new. Something that was not expected in this area, something that doesn't match, either visually or acoustically, anything that is known to exist," researcher Jay Barlow told the outlet.

"It just sends chills up and down my spine when I think that we might have accomplished what most people would say was truly impossible -- finding a large mammal that exists on this earth that is totally unknown to science."

The team was able to take photographs and video recordings of three beaked whales, while also recording their unique acoustic signals using an underwater microphone.

“The discovery of a new species of beaked whale proves how much mystery there is left to discover in the oceans that our captains, crews, and research partners fight to defend," said Peter Hammarstedt, Director of Campaigns for Sea Shepherd.

According to USA Today, the new discovery would make it the 24th species of beaked whale ever discovered.

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