Sales Tactics: 5 Tips to Successfully Close the Deal

Sales Tactics
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By , Small Business Pulse

Small businesses are not large businesses on a smaller scale, nor do they have a handy one-size-fits-all definition. However, one truth is consistent in that in order to grow your small business, you must sell the products and services your business offers. Making the sale is essential, especially for small businesses as their growth and success depends on those sales. Sales professionals know they will hear “no” time and time again, but it only propels them to never give up and learn the best techniques that ultimately closes the deal.

Be ready to succeed
You have the drive to win, the trust in yourself and the belief in your skills, which are all the confidence markers of a champion. Let your strengths guide you. Picture yourself shaking hands with your clients, delivering your pitch, having answers at the ready and closing the deal.

Know your competitors
Recognize that bigger is not necessarily better. Your small business is different than the big guys, so you don’t need to compete on the same level. Promote the advantages your business can offer, such as flexible time, personal connections and the ability to adapt to customer requests. Knowing your competitors will allow you to understand how your business approach can outmatch others.

Acknowledge your customers’ issues
Ease your customers’ objections and hesitations by offering solutions your business can handle. Understanding customer needs and your desire to sell the most suitable product or service reinforces customer confidence in knowing the deal is right for them. Showing your appreciation for your customers will establish regulars and encourage them to recommend your small business to others. Your efforts will not go unnoticed.

The time is now
Adding a deadline to a deal conveys a sense of urgency and gives an incentive for a customer to make a decision. Attaching a deadline to a price break, free bonus or additional services helps a customer feel in control of the situation and adds a reason to commit now. The idea is not about rushing a customer, but showing that your product or service will immediately fill a need your customer currently has.

Ask for the sale or a decision
Don’t think of yourself as being pushy when asking for a sale in a non-aggressive way, especially when making your customers feel comfortable and ready to do business with you. Customers hesitant to commit likely have a few concerns that cause them to stall, but they are potential buyers. To finesse the deal, choosing the right words makes all the difference. It may not seem easy, but there are classic phrases you can master to suit your style and use to effectively ask for the deal.