The Best Sales Tracking Software for Your Small Business

Sales Tracking
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By , Small Business Pulse

If you are a small business owner who plans to grow your operation, investing in quality sales tracking software should be near the top of your list. The ability to catalog sales data and contacts, as well as forecast future sales is essential to successfully scaling up your small business. A wide range of customer relationship management (CRM) developers boast that their software is the best solution for your startup. However, to simplify the process of finding the right sales tracking tool, here’s a rundown of three of the best currently on the market.

Salesforce is to CRM what Apple to mobile technology. They are not only the biggest name in the game, they are the gold standard. Their sales tracking software is renowned for being highly customizable, providing unparalleled analytics and being an all-in-one multichannel marketing solution. Since the software is cloud-based, it functions equally well on desktops and smartphones, while integrating easily with a host of third-party applications such as Dropbox, Slack and Google’s G Suite. It also utilizes artificial intelligence software to make data entry, precision forecasting, and lead generation very easy and straightforward. Salesforce’s bare-bones small business CRM package is $25 a month with a maximum of ten users per license. PC Magazine does note that accessing Salesforce’s more sophisticated features will likely have a “steep learning curve” for the uninitiated.

For startup founders who are interested in growing their business with a powerful sales tracker, but aren’t particularly tech-savvy, there is Apptivo. For $8 a month per user, owners will have access to a robust CRM program that provides sales reports, email marketing tools, a project management tool, insurance tracking and invoicing management. It also allows for a wide range of third-party application integration. Apptivo’s digital interface is simple and clean in its presentation. In terms of representation, the app also boasts customer service in which users speak to a real technician. The app received high marks from The Inc. and PC Mag for its high level of customization, around-the-clock live chat support, and 24-hour customer service helpline.

Hubspot is a great CRM program for burgeoning entrepreneurs who are in the process of getting their companies off the ground. The app is free and allows users to store information on up to 1 million customers, while also being able to track every part of the sales process. Inc.’s pick for “Best CRM Software for Startups,” Hubspot offers such features as being able to create contacts, record all interactions, log sales, produce accurate forecasts and sync to company G Suite accounts. It also offers the capacity to schedule bulk email blasts with minimum effort.