Teachers Complain After Some Parents Appear Shirtless, Drinking During Remote Learning

By , Audacy

Teachers are getting quite an eyeful during remote learning.

Edith Pride, a teacher at Boca Raton Elementary school in Florida, revealed that one of the biggest struggles with virtual learning hasn’t been dealing with students, it’s been the half-dressed parents who pop up on screen.

In a school board meeting, she dedicated her entire three minutes to ask parents to do better.

“Parents, please make sure that you have on proper clothing when you are walking behind your child’s computer because we’ve seen them in their drawers, their bras, and everything else,” the teacher said per WPEC.

But walking around shirtless wasn’t the only problem she’s encountered with the new virtual lessons.

She also asked parents not to appear on screen with “cigarettes” in their hands.

While her comments drew a few giggles from the crowd, her words resonated with plenty of other local teachers who also recalled struggling to navigate the unpredictable situations they've encountered with parents amid the coronavirus pandemic.

"I did have a parent who sat on the couch and we could see an ankle monitor on her leg," one anonymous teacher chimed in.

Another recalled seeing a shirtless dad “drinking a beer at 11:45 in the morning.”

While many educators said parents have been respectful of the online learning environment, they are concerned about exposing other students to such inappropriate behavior.

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