Mystery: Strange, unknown metal sphere washes up on Japanese beach

The shoreline of the ocean.
The shoreline of the ocean. Photo credit Getty Images
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After a full week of strange objects appearing in the sky, one just washed up on a beach too.

A mysterious metal sphere was discovered on a Japanese beach, and officials were quick to shut down the beach in the southern coastal city of Hamamatsu, located 155 miles from Tokyo.

Police were notified of the “suspicious” ball by a local resident who called just before 9 a.m. local time, saying “a large round object was washed up on the beach,” the Japanese media outlet Asahi News reported.

According to the outlet, the resident and her husband were taking a walk this past weekend when they first noticed the object but didn’t decide to call until they saw it again this week.

Police shared that the object is a sphere shape, with a diameter of approximately 4 feet. It is also believed to be made of iron, as it has begun to rust.

A perimeter was set around the object for most of the day on Tuesday while bomb disposal crews investigated it to see what it was. X-rays inevitably showed that it was hollow and no danger was present, ending restrictions on the beach, The New York Post reported.

Vice News reported that the object has a spot on it that could be where something was hooked to it, also noting that it closely resembles a mooring buoy.

Japanese police are asking local officials responsible for coastal management to collect the object and remove it from the beach.

The appearance of the ball comes at a time when nations are more than ever worried about surveillance from foreign objects. This comes after the US shot down a Chinese spy balloon at the beginning of the month and three more unidentified objects over North America.

However, nothing points to the sphere in Japan being a secret oceanic spy device at this time.

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