Not Chill: Pot-Smoking Parents Are Stricter with Discipline, Study Says

It’s 4:20pm, time to punish the children!

A new study says moms and dads who enjoy smoking weed are more likely to be harsher disciplinarians compared to those who don’t partake in any wacky tobacky, according to the New York Post.

The research surveyed 3000 California parents and found that those that enjoyed using marijuana had higher rates of administering punishments from timeouts to spankings to even harsher physical abuse.

“There are parents who say marijuana calms then down and makes them a better parent. That’s not what we’re seeing in this particular study,” said head researcher Bridget Freisthler of the College of Social Work at Ohio State University.

The same was true for parents who use alcohol the study found, since most marijuana users also enjoy beer, wine and/or other hard alcohol.

The findings indicated that those who enjoyed their recreational drug of choice were more apt to try and control their children than sober parents.

"It appears that users may be quicker than other parents to react to minor misbehavior," Freisthler added.

It’s also unclear if the substances actually made the parents more intolerant of their kids’ missteps or if they are just wearier of having their fun ruined.

Freisthler continued: "We can't tell from this study, but it may be that parents who use marijuana or alcohol don't want their children to spoil the buzz they have or bother them when they have a hangover."

Ok,  but if you’re more concerned with your high than your kids’ well-being, then perhaps it’s you that needs to be disciplined.