SunnyD graduates, announces new adult alcoholic beverage

Orange juice poured into a glass.
Orange juice poured into a glass. Photo credit Getty Images
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Looking to make a splash in the alcohol business, and offer up some nostalgia, the orange beverage SunnyD announced it is going to get an adult rebrand this month in the form of a vodka soda drink.

SunnyD shared the news in a press release, saying that its new SunnyD Vodka Soda drinks would be available starting March 11, exclusively at Walmart.

The vodka soda drinks will have an ABV of 4.5%, just under other alcoholic seltzers like White Claws and Truly Vodka Seltzers, which typically have a 5% ABV.

SunnyD has been around for nearly 60 years, and while at first they were in lunchpails and drank in cafeterias or on field trips, it has become common for them to be used as mixers for alcohol, the company shared.

Because of this, the decision was made to add the new spiked SunnyD to the lineup, which includes several other flavors.

Ilene Bergenfeld, the Chief Marketing Officer for Harvest Hill Beverage Company, which owns SunnyD, shared in the press release that consumers continue to come back to the drink because of the nostalgia that comes with it.

“Consumers are passionate about this iconic brand, rooted in nostalgia but with a taste that resonates today,” Bergenfeld said.

SunnyD has also become a popular follow on social media, as it, like many others, has taken the approach of being involved with what’s trending among younger generations. Most recently, this was the case with its backing of Selena Gomez, who has become the center of rumored drama with model Hailey Bieber.

While the new vodka soda drinks bring the nostalgia of the name with them, they don’t come in the same iconic container that was a welcome sight at lunchtime.

The decision to create a spiked beverage comes as many look to enter the alcoholic beverage market.

Among others to test the waters with spiked versions of iconic drinks is Coca-Cola, which announced it was adding Jack Daniels to its soda for a Jack and Coke beverage last year, and Pepsi, which is spiking its popular Mountain Dew soda.

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