Survey says Americans will spend $225 on Mother's Day, but moms want a card and quality time

A gift from a child for mothers day - a card from a picture and coffee in bed in the morning.
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Shopping for Mother's Day can be quite the challenge for some people, as they think of all the possible gifts their mom would love to receive, and often end up spending way more than expected.

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But at the end of the day, most mothers aren't too picky about what gift they receive -- all they really want is a card and to spend quality time with their children.

According to a recent Lending Tree survey, Americans will spend an average of $225 on a gift for Mother's Day this year.

That number is actually an increase from the average of $219 spent on gifts last year. Fathers are the ones that end up spending the most on a gift -- an average of $361 -- as they are often buying for two people.

Mothers aren't even anticipating their family to spend that much on gifts though, as 78% of those in the survey said they don't expect their kids to spend more than $50 on a gift.

In fact, the top two responses for what gift mothers want to receive are both relatively cheap. 36% of mothers in the survey said they want a card, and 57% of the time they will get their wish.

32% of mothers then said they want to spend quality time together with their loved ones, however, only 21% of people give that special gift.

An overwhelming 53% of people said that they get their mom flowers for Mother's Day, but surprisingly, only 29% of moms actually want to get the plants.

Other popular gifts that the survey asked about included a special meal, gift cards, jewelry, clothing, and even time to themselves.

Breaking down the survey by age groups, 30% of Generation Z are most likely to deliver the gift of quality time, compared to just 21% of millennials, 19% of Generation X, and only 16% of baby boomers.

"Though it is a total cliché, it really is often the thought that counts on days like Mother’s Day," LendingTree chief credit analyst Matt Schulz said. "Sure, it can be tempting to go flashy and spend too much money on a bunch of gifts, but you don’t have to do it that way."

"Quality time can really be about the best gift there is," he added. "A thoughtfully planned day of some of Mom’s favorite low-cost activities, followed by a special home-cooked meal, can be a wonderful gift. A sweet love note or some other gift that you made yourself can be amazing too."

The odds of disappointing your mom on the holiday are unlikely, although, 1 in 5 moms claimed that they have been let down by gifts in the past. So if you're tight on cash, or really not sure what to get your mom this year, then the best bet is to just spend time with her and show her you care.

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