Survey reveals what moms look for when designing their home

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Redecorating your home can seem like an exciting time at first, but people are often confused about where to start.

If you’re a mother juggling several different tasks, you are maybe wondering what you should do first to design your perfect living space.

An online retailer, Zulily, released its first Home Trend Report on what mothers throughout the United States look for when designing their homes.

The company conducted a survey nationwide that questioned 1,000 mothers. The report, which drafts a Head & Home Space Quotient, explores the psychology of designing and purchasing while inspiring “productivity, mindfulness and togetherness at home.”

In May of 2021, findings were formed on a Pollfish survey of mothers ages 18 and up.

“Our homes have been transformed this past year, doubling as office, school, playground, and restaurant for our families. But we want to help mom reclaim her home through design, by making it not just a place that invites relaxation, but also helps cater to these newfound uses that likely aren’t going away anytime soon,” Kate Aulabaugh, Zulily’s Home & Style Expert said. “Our new research is informed by moms, for moms—a real life perspective on how the home can transform into a perfect place that inspires productivity, mindfulness and togetherness with family and friends.”

The Head & Home Space Quotient is helping mothers design their homes by focusing on these three important trends.


In the survey, Zulily confirmed that 68% of mothers say they experience the junk drawer jitters. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, mothers say that it has caused small spaces to be filled with clutter after staying indoors. 32% of moms say their homes are now less organized. With coronavirus restrictions easing and more people coming over, 44% of moms say they usually stuff clutter in a closet or storage space.

Experts at Zulily say brands like iDesign, home basics, and Whitmore have essential items for reducing clutter in your home.


While moms are often seen as nurturing parents, they are often filled with stressful tasks. So having a home for mothers where they can relax is essential as well. The survey confirmed that 34% of mothers said color in the house is the number one way to create a calm environment. So what is the most peaceful room, according to moms? Well, 46% say the bedroom, and 43% report that it's the living room. Experts say adding a rug or even a lamp can help add more calm to your living space.


With the summer approaching, there’s no better time to start building and designing your backyard. However, 58% of mothers say they feel pressure to create a unique outdoor space compared to past years. Thirty-one perfect say comfortable seating is essential, while 24% say connecting with people is the prime thing to do. Experts at Zulily say purchasing a table, chair set, and patio sofa set is the best way to entertain guests during the summer season.

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