How Can Survey Tools Benefit Your Small Business?

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By , Small Business Pulse

Surveys have gotten a bad name in the past as the main ways of getting people to complete them were cold-calling and going from door-to-door. However, in today’s internet world, businesses can utilize surveys much more efficiently as they have become much easier to dispense and take. If you have a small business, surveys can provide concise and constructive feedback from your customers. Below are a few ways how survey tools can benefit your small business.

Fewer phone calls to make
When you make use of survey tools, you don’t need to call your customers and ask them if they’re satisfied with your services and products. This is a kind of 2-in-1 advantage because it’s less time on the phone, which saves you money while you’re possibly helping other customers. Platforms such as SurveyMonkey and Crowdsignal can make the process of sending, tracking, and receiving surveys painless and easy.

Can ask more questions
When you call customers to see whether they’re 100 percent pleased with your services, you can’t ask too many questions. Let’s face it, time is money and nobody is willing to stay on the phone for more than a few minutes. A survey tool with the right number of questions lets your customers know that your company is serious and has an active interest in seeing that they’re taken care of properly. In fact, by embracing a few effective survey tools, you can get an extensive, informed and grounded opinion.

Accurate statistics
Automated survey tools accurately record the number of people who have completed a survey, as well as tabulate answers among other features. Needless to say, if you choose to do surveys the old-fashioned way, such as calling people or interviewing them, you’ll need to compile and sort statistics yourself. Using a survey tool minimizes errors and categorizes data so that analyses and feedback can be gleaned quickly.

Don’t pay as much
Digital survey tools are exponentially cheaper than printing surveys or phone interviews. Sure, the price can differ according to the sample size, but you can be confident that you won’t overpay for a digital service. The amount of money that would go into paper alone wouldn’t justify printing them, not to mention the time taken up inside your store or the money you would spend on postage.

No bias
If you were conducting surveys on the phone or in person, you may inadvertently be a little biased. Either the customer may not feel comfortable being honest with you or you might not handle negative opinions all that well. However, by using survey tools you’ll get what matters most to you, which is each customer’s honest opinion.

There are tons of automated solutions for all sorts of business problems nowadays. Tasks that would have taken weeks to complete can now be completed in a matter of hours. Survey tools offer real perks to small business owners, offering not only time-savings, but also key insights to improve customer relations. In the end, it’s a win-win for your small business and most importantly, your customers.