Teen boys lose both parents to COVID-19 within 2 weeks of each other: 'We miss them'

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Two teenage boys are picking up the pieces after losing both of their parents to COVID-19.

Their mother, Noehmi, lost her battle with the novel virus in July.

She was 39-year-olds.

Rita Marquez-Mendoza, Noehmi’s mother, had to say goodbye to her daughter over the phone.

"I had to tell her to go ahead and go home, that we would take care of Carlos, then we would take care of the boys," Mendoza told CBS News.

Carlos Garcia, the father of their two teenage boys Nathan and Isaiah, became ill not too long after Noehmi’s passing. He died 15 days later.

The GoFundMe created to support the boys notes that Carlos “passed away due to oxygen deprivation he was found unresponsive and after many attempts the hospital staff could not bring him back.”

"They've lost their mom and their dad in two weeks' time. We were still in shock over Noehmi passing away. We hadn't even begun to grieve yet. We were still in shock when they called us and tell us that Carlos passed away," Mendoza explained.

The grandmother says the boys visit their parents’ gravesite every week as they are buried side-by-side.

"You mainly do it for your comfort because that's all that you can do. You can't go see them at their home. You can't go out to eat with them. And that's the only place that you have to go with them," Mendoza added.

The boys told the outlet that they wish their parents were still around.

"We miss them driving us around in Galveston, going by the beach and getting off places to go explore stuff over there," Nathan explained.

"Yeah, I also miss my mom's cooking," Isaiah added.

Per the GoFundMe, Noehmi’s brother, Jacob, and his wife, Isabel, have been given full and permanent custody of Nathan and Isaiah.

All the money donated is said to cover living expenses, medical, legal, and school expenses.

More than $170,000 has been raised so far.

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