Here are the most affordable private island resorts around the world

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If you've ever wanted to travel to a private island for a dream vacation but thought it would be way too expensive for your budget -- think again.

Travel + Leisure has listed eight private island resorts to visit without breaking the bank. You could spend your days soaking up the sun on white-sand beaches before enjoying a tropical sunset and the ocean singing you to sleep, all without spending thousands of dollars.

You could stay in a bungalow of the shores of Fiji or the Philippines for less than it costs to fill up a tank of gas.

The Rock Island Resort, located on a tiny rock island in Cambatong Bay, Philippines, has nightly rates from just $46. Or you could go to the Likuri Island Resort off Fiji's main coast for only $50 a night.

Double your budget head to the Nangyuan Island Dive Resort in the Gulf of Thailand for as low as $89 a night. The Gem Island Resort & Spa off the coast of Malaysia has nightly rates from $125.

If a European escape is what you're looking for, the Isabella Valamar Collection Island Resort off Croatia has rooms starting at $157 a night.

You could head to the Maldives and stay on Makunudu Island for as low as $172. Or off the  northern coast of Panama, the Urraca Private Island Eco Resort has nightly rates from $195.

The most expensive option on Travel + Leisure's list is the Sands At Chale Island off the coast of Kenya, which has rooms starting at $199 a night.

Of course, you have to get to these destinations somehow. Airfare certainly will run the cost of your trip up by several hundred dollars, if not crossing over the $1,000 threshold.

However, with proper planning well in advance, that dream vacation might not be as far out of reach as you once imagined.

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