Tracking bird migrations? There's a website for that

starlings in flight
Starlings migrating. Photo credit Getty Images
By , Audacy

Going on all around us — and above us — is the fall bird migration. ‘

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And the National Audubon Society has just come out with a website that will let you see what species of birds are going where, and where they came from.

It’s called the Bird Migration Explorer.

“So, you can type in Chicago and it’ll show how many places are connected to Chicago by birds,” Stephanie Beilke, the senior manager of conservation science for Audubon Great Lakes.

She said the Bird Migration Explorer will show, for example, that a bird has been tracked around Chicago.

“And it has been traced back to northern Alaska or Colombia.”

Beilke says right now the midwest is at the end of shorebird migration. Waterfowl migration hasn’t started yet.

Later in the fall, you might catch a loud bugle from migrating sandhill cranes, she said.

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